thank you

First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone who remembered me today. A very special thank you goes out to those who messaged me at 12-I really really appreciate it…especially seeing that I myself fell asleep…wAAy to celebrate my coming-of-age!! 😉 Anyway.. Thank you for all your lovely gifts…Especially a very special necklace from some of my best friends…You know what? I thought of you before making my wish.. Because love is like perfume…you can’t spray it on someone else,without getting some on yourself. I wasn’t really looking forward to this day…It really means that I’m growing older ( NOTE to someone:But I’m not wrinkly like gay Andy…ahem ahem…) But then I’ve decided growing older doesn’t necessarily entail growing UP. I don’t think I’ve ever grown up anyway..not since I was about 7.. Proof? 18 REASONS WHY I WILL NEVER GROW UP 1. I still have my pillow and blanket from when I was 7. And its not a “comforter”,ahem ahem. 2. I have adamantly refused all attempts to part with my Barbie doll collection. Even though I may dismiss it as crass commercialism, I actually LIKE playing with them. I was just bluffing so you wouldn’t laugh at me…but HEY…the secret’s out now.. 3. I actually know the words to the Spongebob Squarepants theme.Also, my current favourite cartoon is Tiny Planets,which is shown on Disney everyday ,around 3.30, I think. 4. When nobody’s looking,I talk to my dog. 5. I still collect strange, freaky toys- the latest in my collection is a weird flamingo pen-it looks like a cross between the Roadrunner and those pink plastic flamingoes you see in shops. 6. I still have my putty collection. I like putty. 7. I actually have a plastic Donald Duck ball that seems to be from the time I was 2(judging from pictures)..I use it to scare my dog sometimes. 8. I like Nutrigen. And that funny drink,with the picture of the cartoon guy that keeps taking his pants off. 9. Also when nobody’s looking ( I hope), I suck my chain. I’m pretty sure this disgusting habit started in kindergarten.I remember because once,it got stuck around my head and my eye was kind of squished by it. 10.My hero is Mickey Mouse.I didn’t like Donald cause I didn’t understand what he was saying. Also-important question:Why is it Pluto lives in a kennel, but Goofy lives in a house? 11.I waited 15 minutes under the hot hot sun to get into the “Its A Small World” ride. I may have told you something else, but the truth is I WANTED to go in. 12.I’m still scared of the dark. And I NEVER, NEVER step off the bed before switching on the light. There may be things lurking below. 13.I buy cornflakes to get the free toys. 14.I like Paddle Pop. 15. My favourite song is by the favourite singer of many,many 10 year old girls.. When You Say Nothing At All. 16.I have a rubber chicken. 17.I still drink Ribena out of a sip cup, because I tend to spill things. 18.Anyway, I think you get the picture. Based on the (very) valid reasons and evidence that I have put forward(HAH!!!see, I’m APPLYING it..).. I have concluded that you can grow old and still be a child. Nyah Nyah! So here we are. Off now- but I’ve decided not to grow up anymore. Toodle doo! Love, Eleanor (Age 18, Mind 7) =)


August 18, 2004. MY So-Called Life.

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