Getting over something can be hard. Have you ever felt like there’s something…just gnawing….chewing…….. on you,constantly?(not my dog, I’ve already smacked her) That’s what I feel like. I want to let go.But I can’t. WHY?????????? I don’t know. Every time i try,you make me want to give up. WHY?????????? WHY????????????????????????????????????????? p/s-this doesn’t make sense,will explain in another entry….now must go study for thinking skills… Profound thought for the day: Brain cells die when you Think too much. The only way to prevent this is by Not Thinking. Unfortunately,as you age,Experience kills brain cells too. It is now obvious that Stupidity is a degenerative disease. It afflicts 9.5 out of 10 people,and is especially prevalent in developed, developing and undeveloped places in the world. There is no effective vaccine for Stupidity. The causative agent,a little known yet ubiquitous bacteria known as ” Thinkobacterium stoopidos” has become resistant to numerous drugs. Nothing can stop this plague. It has infiltrated the highest ranks of government. Soon it will take over the world. In conclusion, we cannot avoid Stupidity. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. So let us unite against this dreadful disease. THINKING KILLS!

September 2, 2004. MY So-Called Life.

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