The Malaysian Idol Experience

I watched my first episode of Malaysian Idol today. Its a bit late,I know-considering that half of the contestants have already been voted off.

Initially I was skeptical about the whole thing.

I admit I’m not exactly a big fan of the local music scene. I don’t really follow it, but most seem to be either prepubescent teenyboppers(at least the ones they used to advertise on tv2) or clones of some American hip hop group or the other. But whatever.

So I was wondering….just how many more of these clones do we need? Do we REALLY want to go to all the trouble to find another one of these carbon copies? Nooooo…

But…upon actually WATCHING an episode, I admit I’m wrong.

Man, can these people sing.

First there’s Jac,who has a voice like…gawd,I can’t describe it. Nikki isn’t really outstanding..She has a nice voice, but I’d say she’s the weakest of the 3 girls. Dina has a voice that can rival Fantasia Barrino’s. 

I don’t really have an opinion about the guys, because they seem pretty normal to me…Nothing really special about them, although I will concede that Andrew has very nice hair. If you ask me, Pantene should consider him as their first male model. I can just imagine him swishing his locks on TV ala Zhang Zi Yi(who I believe is their latest model).Sales will skyrocket.

I foresee a final with Jac, Dina and Andrew. This, of course,is if Malaysians actually base their votes on talent and not on looks,ethnicity or place of origin.

I hope Dina wins. This will strike a blow for plus size people everywhere. It will shatter the ideal mould of a pop star- size 2, emaciated and underfed. This must be the reason why they are so grumpy all the time, for example when the papparazi take pictures of Britney Spears without makeup.

Also,she can really hit em up style.


September 10, 2004. MY So-Called Life.

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