Trivia for the day:

1. Chocolate syrup was used for blood in the (in)famous 45 second shower shot in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, which actually took 7 days to film.                                                                      (Cue Psycho music)

2. Happy Birthday was the first song to be performed in outer space, sung by the Apollo IX astronauts in 1969.

3. Mickey Mouse is known as “Topolino” in Italy.

4. In 1964, the Beatles were the first pop stars to be honoured in Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, London. The Beatles raWk!! WooHoO!! 

5. Walt Disney’s first cartoon character was called Oswald the Rabbit. And when Bugs Bunny first appeared (sometime in the 1930s, I think) he was called Happy Rabbit. What is it with these people and rabbits?

6. Mercury was once used to stabilise wool by hat makers in England. Most of them eventually became poisoned by the fumes. They became irritable, nervous and underwent strange personality changes. This is why the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland is….well…mad.

7. Bilbo Baggins was born on September 22, 1290. Happy Birthday, Bilbo!

8. Green Eggs and Ham (by Dr. Seuss) was written after his editor dared him to write a book using less then 50 different words.

9. Sherlock Holmes never said “Elementary, my dear Watson”.

10. The original story of The Tales of 1001Arabian Nights begins:

“Aladdin was a little Chinese boy…”

This is why, in the movie Arabian Nights, Jason Scott Lee plays Aladdin, and his mother is Chinese. I always thought it was a joke, thanks to the Disneyfication of most childhood stories. Also, the movie stars Dougray Scott, whose most notable performance is opposite Drew Barrymore in Ever After. Mili Avital plays the Sultanah (whose name I forget). She was once David Schwimmer’s girlfriend.

11. If your nose runs, and your feet smell, you’re built upside down. 


September 14, 2004. MY So-Called Life.

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