I am peeved. Peevish peeved me.


I never knew a physics paper could be so ….argh…will not talk about it anymore…

( By the way. its now 10.48 am, 48 minutes since the paper ended,so the grief is still fresh…hehe….)

All this grief is making me snarky and mean and sarcastic* (really,its too early in the morning for this, but who cares….)

*more than usual

Lalala…blame it on Cambridge and the “setters” of the Physics paper,which I am sure has caused MANY MANY people**  GRIEF.

**(besides my multiple personalities and I)

Its a bit worrying,actually…the things that I have been doing…

For instance, yesterday I woke up at 8.10, for a 9 am paper…then I ran around panicking like an idiot….( yes…actually this happens quite often…but particularly worrying this time,cos of the exam…)

And then….this is what I wrote on my exam attendance slip

                             Subject/Paper: ELEA CHEMISTRY 1

                             Candidate Name: ELEA  ELEAR ELEANOR TAN

Yes, I misspelt my name, twice. I am a genius. HAHAHAHAHA.

Back to peevish things.

(By the way, you might have noticed by now that I like making lists…I find it therapeutic….)

1. Annoying chain emails that go…..bla bla bla, you will never find true love and you will wind up sad and lonely and eaten by wild dogs if you do not send this to 10 people………..or.……………..bla bla bla… will get hit by a train because that is what happened to some random figment of my imagination who ignored this warning……..or ……bla bla bla, send this to 1000 people and the person you like will fall madly in love with you…….bla bla bla…..

How nice life would be, if forwarding the email would really make your one true love fall madly in love with you.

Ah, for love of the simple life.

2. Annoying sappy songs that stick in your head…and repeat themselves over and over…and over….and over again…


Love him, I love him, I love him
And where he goes I´ll follow, I´ll follow, I´ll follow

I will follow him, follow him wherever he may go
There isn´t an ocean too deep
A mountain so high it can keep me away

I must follow him, ever since he touched my hand I knew
That near him I always must be
And nothing can keep him from me
He is my destiny

This is, without a doubt the most annoying song I have ever heard.

It even SOUNDS scary.

In fact,it’s probably the theme song of Stalkers International…the national anthem of stalkers the world over…

This, and the song from the commercial…some tyre thing…baroom baroom whatever…I once came across a group of people singing it in college…hehe….And the other one, for the telecoms company….gimme gimme gimme,what I want….greedy people…

3. Miss Calling.

Argh. This is EXTREMELY ANNOYING. I don’t mean when you call someone, and they don’t pick up, so it becomes a missed call…I mean…Calling and hanging up after a few rings…

Contrary to popular belief, it does NOT mean….I miss you or I’m thinking about you or whatever they’ll have you believe, it just means…


Honestly…I rarely return calls to people who practice this pointless art of miss calling, unless I know them well, or if my phone is on silent mode. If they really wanted to talk, I guess they could call. But since they obviously don’t think that its worth their money…hmm…its probably not worth mine either…

4. When sticky things get stuck in your hair

Like chewing gum….its NASTY..the more you try and get it out, the more it sticks…I had to snip my hair off…poor hair……

(My mum says its my fault for chewing gum in bed…..once, I was chewing gum and dreamt I was eating a strawberry gumdrop…weird….)

5.People who spell tomorrow as tomolo

I don’t know why, it just annoys me.

6.Lizards and their spawn, baby lizards.

Lizards are the ickiest things to walk the planet. ICK ICK ICK. ICK!!!!!!!!!!!! There is a lizard living in my bathroom. There used to be 3, but two have gone to the place up there…. Now…if only I can find the other one..DIE, LIZARD!!!!!!

Now you can add Lizard Killer to the list of my wonderful attributes.

7.People who CONSTANTLY whine about their significant others ( or lack thereof )

Hehe…actually….Everyone talks about them some time or another..

I just can’t take constant  whining about how you love this guy,but he thinks you don’t exist, plus you think he may not even like you as a friend, but wait, no, maybe he does, he’s so noble and wonderful and handsome and swoon-worthy, oh no, he has a girlfriend, my life is over.

Er….if its THAT hard to like someone…then…why put yourself through all that torture? Wouldn’t it be easier to just…maybe wait until you find someone who likes you for who you are….and all the other stuff Agony Aunts tell you….

8.The smell of food that clings to your clothes

The cafeteria is the WORST place to be….even worse than coffee shops…I canNOT stand it, it makes me feel sticky and gross,even if I’m in an extremely cold room..Must figure out a way to stop this from happening. Will patent it and become rich and famous and…HAHAHA…..

DOn’t say the answer is perfume, it just exacerbates the problem…

9.Pointless Reality Dating Shows

Honestly. Do you really think you’re gonna find true love by going on one of these pointless shows? Well…if your true love is money..then maybe its possible..

Would you, in real life, ever want to go out with a guy who’s seeing 16 other women at the same time??

Not many of these ‘unions’ last anyway….the couple from Joe Millionaire broke up…so did the couple from the Bachelor…

Case in point: From For Love Or Money (the latest one..SPOILER here…) Rachel, the jilted girlfriend from season 3(who came back to do season 4) gave up 1 000 000 bucks to be with her one true love, only to break up a few months later..She is now considering a career as a Playboy model….

Sure, if you want THAT….

Ah…feel much better, having ranted for almost an hour.

Yay..only 2 more Bio papers to go…

What annoys YOU? Hehe…

Quote of the day:

I was wondering why Frisbees got bigger as they got closer..and then it hit me..”

Ps….Note to Anonymous Schanonymous: its PEEVED…not Perved or Pervy or Pervish or Peed or anything else…just in case all the partying makes u a bit woozy,k?….heehee….=)


November 18, 2004. MY So-Called Life.

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