The Imax Experience

It is now 5. 12 pm, and guess where I am?

In a cafe, killing time after having killed…err….around 20 people today in CS…..( which I’m very proud of, thank you for asking…although I got KILLED like….100 times…One day..ONE DAY….I will kill more times than I am killed…One day…wait for it…hehe…)


Today actually started in a whole very different way. Playing CS back in 15 was not on my agenda.

After the Chemistry paper, we decided to mozey over to Time Square to check out the Imax theatre.

So….when we finally got there…there was a sUPER long line..But we met George( our classmate) who was almost reaching the counter. ( Yay for us, sorry for the people waiting…heehee..)

He had been waiting for 40 minutes.

The computers were down.

OK……so…..there we were..waiting….waiting……When George says:

“If you’re a Digi customer, you get a discount…Go download the coupon lah....”

So Kae Shin (the only Digi one among us..the rest of us low-lifes are maxis….) goes over to the counter..where she was SNAPPED at by the counter lady.

You just send to 2288, anything else you go ask that counter!”

( Something like that lah..I didn’t really hear it, but I could tell it was rude..)



After all was said and done..

We went in, settled in our seats, and waited for the movie to start.

The Polar Express started off nicely…..Then suddenly…the sound just went off. So they messed around with it, only to have the dialogue track moving about 10 minutes behind the film.

YuP. You got that right.

We ended up watching a silent movie. A 3-D movie, nonetheless.

But a SILENT one.


Then people started yelling. Someone actually started chanting..



After almost an hour of brief sound bites, interspersed with indignant shouts of fellow patrons..

We finally hear this diembodied voice:

“We apologize ladies and gentlemen, due to our obvious stupidity and inability to run anything properly for more than 5 minutes at a time, god bless us, we are cancelling this screening.

Please proceed to our ticketing counter, where you will have the pleasure of experiencing a new form of hell, aka waiting forever while we stand around looking busy and important so you can suffer and be punished for our incompetence.

It is our hope that this experience will not affect your opinion of our fine company. We assure you that this incompetence is only sporadic, it only happens every other day, and sometimes more than once a day. But really, don’t blame us!”

OK….so maybe thats not what the guy said..but it felt like something along those lines.

My point is:

Why advertise yourselves as the biggest screen in South East Asia, 12000 watts of sound!!! (12 Watts,more like…) if you don’t have the techical expertise to manage it? And with such a user-unfriendly approach to customer service, how do you expect people to ENJOY the “Imax Experience”?

Bah, humbug.

So we took the train back to the KTM station..which is about 5 minutes away from college, and decided to get a cab back to Taylor’s.

10 bucks for a five minute ride.

IS this a load of bullshit or what?

The last time I took a cab from Midvalley back to Taylors ( around a 40 minute drive), it only cost 9 bucks, and that was in a TRAFFIC JAM.

Bloody unscrupulous, I tell you.

So here I am, killing people as part of my new approach to anger management.

Today was quite a disaster, come to think of it.

( On the train back, Kelvin says“After every exam, bad things always happen to me…” which Nicholas replies…..” That’s why you shouldn’t sit for exams!”….)

Despite all the sucky things that happened, today seems like the most fun I’ve had in a loooong time.


Yup….you can see..I’m easy to please..cos I Iive the simple life...hehe…

Looking forward to 4 glorious weeks of pure, unadulterated lazing.



Quote of the day:

” AaahcHoo! Sorry, I’m kind of allergic to bullshit..”

                                                      -Will Smith-


December 10, 2004. MY So-Called Life.

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