The Things We Do


We all make them.

So why do we judge others when they do?

What makes one mistake less serious than another?

Someone once told me:

“You are not your mistakes, everyone makes them”

So if we’re not our mistakes, as he says, then my question is this:

Why are we defined by the things we do wrong?

There are a couple of people I know, who have made the er…slightly..embarrasing mistake of getting a little too tipsy at parties…and they have yet to live it down.

This explains why a bunch of us were dancing around like mad people at a wedding today…so it could be filmed for posterity…(and I can tell, the day will come when we will live to regret the baboon mating dance..)

People say we should learn from our mistakes,and move on.

But some mistakes are just too fun to make just once!

Quote of the day:My brother said this: ( I was lying on the bed, looking at his baby son)

“One little fatty, looking at another little fatty”

(This is when his fingers got stuck trying to open the cupboard)



December 27, 2004. MY So-Called Life.

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