10 Things I Loved About 2004

Be yourself. There’s no one better qualified. Why settle for a second rate copy of someone else?”That having been said….

Yay, I get to make another list!

10 Things I Loved About 2004

1. My nephew Rhys

2. Making some great friends…Flurry,Roshini,Fabes,Colin,Maria and everyone else (I can’t list everyone..don’t get offended!…hehe..;) Thanks everyone!

3. Friends I’ve made along the way…Anonymous Schnonymous, Elaine,Rhenita,Suet Wen, Aun Woon…it was great catching up with you guys!

4. Christmas celebrations with my entire family…it was great! Really enjoyed it 😉

5. Getting my driving license…finally..although I’m still a lousy driver..heh…

6. Learning a lot about life, and people.

7. Growing up. (A bit la, I have to admit..)

8. Learning that growing up doesn’t mean growing wiser…and its fun! 😉

9. (This is really shallow..but anyway…) GREAT movies, shows and books were released this year..The Edge of Reason, Citizen Girl, five people you meet in heaven, sex and the city:the final season, Carnivale, The Apprentice, The OC, Jamie’s Kitchen,The Restaurant,Princess Diaries 2(aah, I know!!!)………

10. This blog!!!….catching up with old friends through it…and making new ones as well!

Quote of the day:

“Calvin:I’m a genius, but a misunderstood genius.

Hobbes:What’s misunderstood about you?

Calvin:Nobody thinks I’m a genius.”


January 3, 2005. MY So-Called Life.

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