i smell Evil

what to do when something Evil walks your way.


(at least that was what the voices in my head were yelling)

But I am not a chicken.

So I told myself:

Today I will look Evil in the eye and LAUGH.


So I wore my Clown Shoes and favourite J Crews, with a nice Green Shirt thrown in for good measure.

1.The Green Shirt-J Crew combination is “happy” (not happy “gay”, happy “happy”).

Happy is the antithesis of Evil, who is Grim and Morose and only dresses in Impossible Moody Black.

Evil despises Happy People because Evil is, by nature Bitter, Morose and Impossible.

2. Clown Shoes make me feel better because they’re so amusing (to me,at any rate..). Although I must admit that they are in fact Butt Ugly.

I was also late this morning.

What are the odds of Evil being late as well?

Or so I thought.

So I walked SLOWLY towards the stairs(trust me, no one I know would rush to that class..)..

Popped a Fruit-tella…

Climbed the first flight..

Looked down.

And looked Evil right in the eye.

I blinked.

Blink blink.

I turned.

I ran up the stairs.

Where I bumped into Kelvin (who is not Evil, luckily) and choked on my Fruit-tella.

Will I ever get over my fear of Evil?

We’ll see…


inflated love

I read this in the papers a few days back.

Valentine’s Day was created by confectioners, florists and greeting card manufacturers to sell love at inflated prices.”


Quote of the day:

“Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. Its the transition that’s troublesome.”

                                                                          -Isaac Asimov


February 17, 2005. MY So-Called Life.

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