all i want is EVERYTHING.

So I finally got round to sorting out the pile of junk on my floor.


1) odds and ends from MPH Warehouse Sale

Just realised I got more stuff than remembered. Currently at the top of my reading list:

dude food, recipes for the modern guy.

I got this for my brother, but its MINE what if I’m not a guy..I can be just as lazy….haha…all mine…Woohoo…

Also found,inexplicably..a paint-it-yourself frog bank. Why did i get this?…

2) packet of blue pens.(definitely not mine-am all for blue-black ink only.Its lovely and I’m not the only one, so there.(stop making fun of me!!))

3) bag of funny badges.

4)plastic bag of receipts

5)my long lost water tumbler..I’ve gotten so paranoid about losing them that have since collected 2 more as back-up.

6)a Tupperware of Koko Krunch (again…why??)

7) cellphone charger (was hidden under bed). Now can return mum’s charger, which I did not steal, merely borrowed.

8)a CD I never knew I had

9)plastic bag of plastic bags

10)a green bookmark.

I take this as a sign that I really should try to be neater. Try.

hah. We’ll see how long that lasts…..

toOdles…must be off now…fashionably late for lunch…

or not.

ps: can anyone suggest good SAT II prep books? The only ones I’ve seen so far are for SAT I, and I’ve already got those……need help, please!

Quote of the day:

“Can’t sleep.Clowns will eat me”

This was said by yours truly, after watching It manymany years ago..(I dunno..I was 5?). Stoopie scary bad ass clown. Turns out a lot of my friends have been similarly scarred by the jackass.


March 5, 2005. MY So-Called Life.

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