and i hate you so

my feet are killing me

my stomach aches from coughing too much

and my fingers smell like lime.

in other news,

mr & mrs smith is a good watch

bittorent is really starting to rock


i don’t need another pair of shoes.

have lined up a whole week’s worth of previously postponed shopping dates,power lunches and other unnecessary and pointless gatherings,which i will complain about but secretly enjoy.

the new blog-city admin rocks

i have another 2 episodes of Lost to watch (yay! more hot shirtless guys)

and i must go find some cough syrup now.

happy holidays to me!


to Anonymous Schnonymous(did i spell that right?) and Obi-Kwan…… guys need to get a grip! hehe….

and yes,ladies and gentlemen, Anonymous Schnonymous is a proud graduate of the School Of Weird,of which i am president.

Only the best, i guarantee…

Quote of the day:

“Of all the thirty six ways of avoiding disasters-running away is the best…”


June 9, 2005. MY So-Called Life.

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