a lot….like love?

 am officially bored.over lunch at Dunkin Donuts yesterday,i suddenly found myself explaining Why Ice Floats to one of My Other Best Friends.

that is how bored i am.

on a more positive note,

i have also developed incredible powers of self control.

every time i take out my wallet to pay for something, i inexplicably find myself saying:

“You don’t need it….”

(true, i just found out i have 3 of the exact same white shirt…but you can never have too many white shirts, of course..)

so i put (insert item) back on the shelf and turn around.

then for a fleeting moment-

But its on sale!!! And its cheap! It doesn’t get much cheaper than this!”

(which again is true…)

but i still walk away.

i’m so proud of myself.


snaps for me!..

Quote of the day:

“I have seen the future….and its like the present, only longer…”


June 12, 2005. MY So-Called Life.

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