happy birthday to meeee!

happy birthday!

this blog is ONE YEAR OLD!


altogether now….happy birthday to me,happy birthday to me..happy birthday to meeeeee…happy birthday to me!… hehe…

when i first started blogging, i had no idea it would lead me to where i am today.

i didn’t know i’d meet the people i met.

and i didn’t know i’d make the friends i have today.

lessons in life

come in many surprising forms.

you just have to be ready to learn.


people surprise me sometimes.

that those who have lost everything are still open to love

and some who have lost nothing are not.

sometimes you tell yourself the thing you want to hear.

together and apart,our lives begin, again.

Quote of the day:

“The problem is NOT the problem. The problem is your attitude ABOUT the problem.”


ps:to a certain friend of mine,who is going through a hard time…i’m sorry that i don’t know what to say-but please know that you are not alone…


June 15, 2005. MY So-Called Life.

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