baby,it’s cold outside.

there are some words that just fascinate me.

like plugs.

i like it-it has a certain twang to it.

i also like the word twang .







i wonder why i find these words so amusing.

one of my earliest memories are of me sitting on the stairs, when i was about 5, singing mucus,mucus,mucus in a funny tune.except i pronounced it mookus,mookus,mookus. i’d just sing it over and over again, until it didn’t make sense-until one word sort of blended into the other-then i’d get confused and start all over again..

then i remember reading an enid blyton book- 

something about the Faraway Tree, and there was this guy who couldn’t remember his name- Mr Whatzhisname..

only i couldn’t pronounce it (i was 5,for crying out loud..), so i called him Mr Waateesm..something like that…and until today, i still pronounce it the same..heh..

in recent years, i have come up with several words i think are highly relevant..

stupoid someone who is oafish and displays extreme stupidity at times(a lot).mostly used on myself.hah.

pootz– a schmuck.

macely– this is actually very embarrasing.i wanted to say mostly, but tried to say mainly simultaneously, and i came up with macely.

fack-handy substitute for the actual swear word. small children, please don’t repeat this.

i also find i have this way of only using certain words together, like

creepy ass– eg, that is one creepy ass show.

chicken pot pie– which i sing all the time, i don’t know why

pooty pie– again, i can’t figure this one out

i seem to have an affinity for the word pie.

can anyone else remember what other crazy words i’ve come up with?

Anonymous Schnonymous, i fully expect you to remember some… hehe..

till next time,


(this word, i also like…)

(oh man,someone stop me…i’m actually watching Laguna Beach)

Quote of the day:

“I dream of a better tomorrow, where chickens can cross roads and not have their motives questioned…”


June 22, 2005. MY So-Called Life.

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