i love harry potter

friends don’t let friends go out wearing fugly things

As everyone who knows me knows (or at least can fathom a guess)…

I love shopping.

Ok, love is a strong word.

Regardless of what you think,or what Fabes tries to tell you (or AnonymousSchnonymous,for that matter, and I don’t know if that’s the correct link…is it, A.Schnon?)

I am not addicted to shopping.

I am, however, not averse to a good bargain.

So you can say that I enjoy shopping,but not that I love it.

Shopping is only fun when I find something that’s really worth buying, like serious, kick ass bargains.

The other day, we started talking about how crazily expensive things are,( 3000 dollar espadrilles, can you believe it?), which of course led me to appreciate my bargain finds even more..yay…

My top 5 bargains:

1. A pair of exquisite satin wedges,in salmon pink at a 70% discount. (I grabbed it and ran away as fast as I could)

2. The previously mentioned Dude Food, reduced 90% (Although my mum pointed out I wasn’t exactly a dude, but whatever, I’m lazy enough to be one…haha,sexist me….)

3.This must sound weird, but really good oven mitts, 4 bucks…got them on holiday, but cannot find them, must be hiding somewhere….or possibly lost…

4. 10 bucks for 3 pairs of earrings, from a little stall; a lot of boho styles, which is on its way out anyway, so getting them for so cheap makes them sort of disposable(teehee!) and I don’t feel so guilty for falling victim to a mindless trend…

5. A Sisley canvas shopper bag for 10 bucks! (I know, I thought it was fake too, but it isn’t! Yay!)

Now you have to stop calling me crazy or obsessed or psycho or some kind of shopping addict, because I am not.

And I am not shallow.

(but I do love shoes)

Quote of the day:

“Do you want to talk to man in charge or the woman who knows what’s going on?”


June 30, 2005. MY So-Called Life.

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