Cutting Edge

I have good news!!


(drumroll please)

I have finished packing my room!

Yes, for real!!

I am going to take a photograph to commemorate this momentous event…

(because it won’t stay this way for long….haha….)

Anyways,while purging my room of junk, I came across a very interesting piece in the Singaporean magazine 8 Days.

( this goes down better if you understand Hokkien)

“Cutting Edge names for Ah Beng Children”

Parents: thinking of what to call your baby,but sick of the usual Johnsons and Jaslyns? Want something more creative or current? Here are some humble suggestions.

Name your child after movies

SHREK, eg Shrek Chin Ah Chee

NEMO, eg Nemo Loh Han Hee

ARWEN, eg Arwen Tan Ah Wen

Name your child after the place they were conceived

PHUKET, eg Phuket Kee Chiak HongCARPARK, eg Carpark Phang Koo Poon

GEYLANG, eg Geylang Loh Rong Wan

Name your child after popular pastimes

TOTO, eg

Bay Pio

KARAOKE, eg Karaoke Goh Sing Song

(Kara Oh Kay Eng also can) and my absolute favourite:

SHOPPING, eg Taka Goh Shor Peng

I’m glad I don’t live there….


Quote of the day:

“Don’t say the sky is the limit; there are footprints on the moon”


July 26, 2005. MY So-Called Life.

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