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Ten Things You Didn’t Know (but should)

1. If I were a Desperate Housewive, I’d be Bree van der Kamp, as revealed in one of those nifty online quizzes.

2. If I were on Sex and the City, I’d be Miranda Hobbes.

3. I am neither.

4. My favourite soda is Coke Light

5. Mostly I listen to Bobby Darin,Sinatra, Nat King Cole and Edith Piaf.

6. I love Kleenex.

7. Sometimes the world does better with less talk.

8. I think people deserve a second chance; tabula rasa.

9. I believe people tell you how they really feel all the time, you just have to listen carefully.

10. The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love,and be loved in return.

Quote of the day:

” War doesn’t determine who’s right- only who’s left.”


August 12, 2005. MY So-Called Life.

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