let them eat cake

if i had to choose just one day to last my whole life through;

it would surely be that sunday, the day that i met you…

                                                                        -Natalie Cole, That Sunday That Summer-

if i had to choose

i choose not.

i’ve been searching a long time, for someone exactly like you.

someone like you,to make it all worthwhile.

                                                                      -Van Morrison, Someone Like You-

do you believe in fate?

does everything happen for a reason?

does it have to?

A week in retrospect:

From icebreakers to signature hunts, variety night to treasure hunt;

I had a good time.

I suppose that’s the effect torture has on you; as time goes by you just become numb.

Seriously…i had to carry around a dead fish in my mouth….eat a variety of disgusting things……sit in a tub of rotting fruit(and all its juice)….break eggs on myself…had wasabi rubbed on my skin,where it LITERALLY burned a hole in my skin…..(I can show you the scab..)..had to sit on the ground while people(i won’t mention who,them evil people) pelted all of us with eggs,flour,margerine (the really cheap stuff that stinks like anything) , water balloons filled with what i SWEAR is garbage juice (well, that’s what Fleur told me anyway…)..rubbed chilli sauce,starch and ink all over my hair and face…..dipped my hair into chicken and garbage juice….ew….ew….eeeeewwww…..


(Now that I’m reliving all these stinky memories I’m seriously wondering what made me go do them…hmmm…..)

I am scarred for life, I tell you…I don’t think I can ever look a fish in its eye again….

Let us observe a moment of silence for all the poor dead fish and chickens we had to kiss.

Quote of the day:

What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger”.

Damn right.


September 4, 2005. MY So-Called Life.

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