“I surrender to Destiny.”

Famous last words.

Seriously, they put it on bathrobes and stuff.

Its time for another secret!

Of course you already know I love shoes…but another of my secret hobbies…

is reading trashy magazines..


Anyways, COOL TEST!! (in a trashy mag, of course):

Not your normal, run of the mill personality profiler, this one is colourful! There are pink polka dots! And little cartoons of shoes!

According to this test, I am:

1) an Introvert.

the quiet achiever, you’re a highly intelligent (HAHA!!) person with lots to give. you may come across as shy on the surface, but underneath there’s a fire going on.”

Yeah, baby….BURN..


2) a Realist.

” jackets, jeans, thongs; you’re all about the cool and comfort factor”

Excuse me…Thongs? Comfort?

Thongs + Comfort = NOT A CHANCE IN HELL

Oh wait…maybe Thongs = Flip Flops….

Never mind…

3) a Planner

” if there’s a drama to be solved, or a decision to be made, you’re completely in your element. calm and collected, you love being the one with the plan.”

Me? Calm and collected?

Hah……check out my MSN tag 3 times a week…

AAAAAAAAARRRGH!!!! Panicking, panicking!!!

I do LOVE plans, though….especially top secret, highly complicated evil plans….


you’re so highly prepared, you have 4 pairs of shoes in your car, just in case.”

Tscha! Have you any idea what the tropical heat can do to shoes?

super organised, you’re always on top of who’s who and what’s hot.”

I am so NOT organised..(paranoid probably, but not organised..)..

but its nice to think I may be giving people the impression that I am…


That sure beats researching my PBL  topic…..


*PBL = Problem Based Learning ( = Plagiarise from internet! Copy from seniors! )

**Clearly, I’ve never done any of those. I mean.. CLEARLY..

Quote of the day:

Crazy insane, or crazy like the time I set up a video camera in my house and pretended I was on Big Brother? ” 


D’oh….Both. Obviously..

Ps: Fleur, I’m listening to Collide now..I blame yoooouu….haha..

tOodles, dahlings! =)


September 20, 2005. MY So-Called Life.

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