Life is short, but a smile only takes a second.

Life is short, but a smile only takes a second.

I am a walking disaster.

One night, I was carrying a pile of magazines up to my room (okay, I was running up the stairs) when one slid off the pile and took with it a layer of skin.

The next day I went shopping and accidentally tipped over a rack of clothes(the wheels were already broken!!!!). And then that rack hit another rack, and the other rack hit another rack, so there I was, frozen like a deer in the headlights, single handedly responsible for destroying a store(well, part of, anyway..).

And later, I was fiddling with a really nice tweed bag, when my nail got caught in the buckle and broke.

Two days later, while on holiday, I fell off the bed.

Then my jeans got stuck on a nail and now there is a hole.A HOLE!!

I am cursed, CURSED, I TELL YOU!!!!!

I hear there are things called chumchums, which is apparently some kind of sweet, and bright pink to boot.

What are these chumchums?

On a recent web-trawl I found this from Wikipedia:

Connotations of the term chick-lit

Aside from its obvious source (chick is an American slang term for young woman and lit is short for “literature”), the term “chick-lit” includes a reference to Chiclets brand chewing gum, with the implication that readers of the genre are likely to be clichéd, unintellectual females who chew gum and avoid “serious” literature.

OH MY GOD, that is SO ME!

Well…except for the serious literature part.

Or maybe not. Never mind..

I finally got round to watching Sepetthe controversial,much hyped Malaysian (or is it?) movie. Okay, so I didn’t watch the whole thing (I was cutting my nails,and then I had to go pee, but that is too much information).

Apart from being a wholly predictable love story ( girl meets boy, blablabla, boy dies, boohoohoo..) I must applaud the director, Yasmin Ahmad, for taking what would have otherwise been an insipid sob-fest in a refreshing direction. No holds barred here- she tells it like it is.

The brouhaha over it being labelled a “Malaysian” film when it clearly doesn’t deserve to be called one *note sarcasm here* because its in 3 languages (really, what an outrage….yaaaawn..) doesn’t detract from its raw, honest (if somewhat stereotyped) portrayal of life in multi-cultural Malaysia. Be warned: you may come away with the sensation of just having watched a 2 hour long Petronas ad (the same director does them).

But wait….What reeeeeally sold me on this?

Jason (to Keong): What makes you think I was talking to you, goblok

When I heard this I laughed so hard my dog got worried and barked at me to shut up.


NEVER, in my 19 years of existence have I heard another human bean (apart from my Dad) say GOBLOK.

Apparently its an Indonesian word, meaning moron or dungu, and I’m not even sure how to spell it..

you GOBLOK, you!!

Quote of the day:

“I’m not heavy..there’s just a lot more information in my head…”



November 3, 2005. MY So-Called Life.

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