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Tagged by this here guy, so here goes!

I plan to:

1. Learn how to drive (again). If you see me on the road run for your life. I don’t know how to stop!

2. Clean my room. (Fat chance)

3. Finish reading War and Peace, possibly the most boring book ever written.

4. Petition for fugly and byotch to be included in the dictionary.

5. Watch Harry Potter 4 soon (WHY HAVEN”T YOU WATCHED IT ALREADY,ELLY??)

6. Do something nice for my Grandma.

7. To quote Ashwin, make a difference.

I Can:

1. Roll my tongue.

2. Bake.

3. Make pookpook sounds.

4. Lead.

5. Follow.

6. Dream.

7. Kick your ass.

I Can’t:

1. Love someone. (sounds so sad,right?)

2. Understand someone.

3. Understand myself, sometimes.

4. Wiggle my ears.

5. Stand fugly shoes!!!

6. Stop shopping

7. Remember what I was going to say….

I say most often:

1. So, um…..(proven, caught on tape)

2. Hmph. (but this is not so much a word as a…HMPH…)

3. Sure..

4. Daaaaahling..

5. Bloody *insert expletive*

6. Argh..

7. Ew !!



Relatively painless experience..

Hah…thought you could get me, eh???



Quote of the day:

“Do you know what empathy is?”


“Empathy is when you put yourself in someone else’s shoes and feel what they’re feeling. So if you hurt someone, you’ll hurt too.”

“So why do you want empathy?”

“Anyway, mom says TV makes you stupid.”

That is so true!


November 24, 2005. MY So-Called Life.

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