My dad’s birthday,coincidentally, falls on Christmas day.

So its pretty much guaranteed that he gets a birthday party every year (and it works out well for everyone, we all get Christmas presents…yay… ), and as you may have read from my cousin’s blog, this year was no exception…

I’m just going to steal pictures from him, because I haven’t bought one of those card reader thingamajiggies, and I basically took all the pics from the same angle as him, except his are probably…haha!

Thanks man… 🙂

Anyways..this is the turkey, which obviously was the best turkey in the world (my mum made me say this), and obviously it must be the best since I had a hand in making it…(literally, but let’s not go there)

Image hosted by
Arr, me be thinking zee cold turkey it make zee good sarnies…
Image hosted by
Arr,zee legs in zee corner,zey are mine..And this is the before picture. The after picture, which I have in my camera, is too gruesome for public viewing (since I know some underage people who read this).

In the upper right corner you can see the banana birthday cake I made, although banana is obviously not very Christmassy. But bananas were all we had, since I had no time to go shopping for other ingredients as was busy, first with stupid exam, and then we all know I got distracted in the shoe store…

The banana cake is resting on top of a tupperware of fruit salad, which is basically a mixture of canned fruits, apples, peaches and cream cheese…at every family party we have someone invariably makes this, and its usually my aunt, so thank you Yee Kim!

I’d like to add, for my dear cousin’s benefit (haha, just to annoy him..) that there was a whole lot of curry brought out later…plus other random dishes I had no hand in preparing…hohoho..

The fact that my brother was sick throughout all of this (reason withheld), has nothing to do with me, of which I’m very proud, since if someone in my family gets sick I usually caused it. Haha.

Okay. Never mind.

Anyways, after the whole ruckus was done, and the hungry masses had been fed and appeased, my cousins and I decided to go catch a movie, so off went the herd of wildebeest to wreak havoc somewhere else…

In the mean time the (old)er (haha,just kidding,okay okay…YOUNG…STOP POKING ME) peoples sat around and talked (probably about the good old days and how the government is cheating everyone, knowing my dad) and….I don’t know,really…

As my uncle (who gamely, and very bravely, I must add, volunteered to ferry us-it wasn’t a pretty sight, there were 11 people stuffed in an Estima, which is normally super comfy and huge,but ELEVEN PEOPLE!!!) pointed out, this was the first time all of us actually did something together….which I then realised was true, because…really….lining up in a bridal procession for my grandparent’s renewal of vows doesn’t really count…

And although the movie was really a no-brainer (we picked Cheaper By The Dozen 2 *gag*, since it was the only one that we could get tickets for, and yes, that SUPER LOUD LAUGH was me…) I still had a lot of fun…


Haha…When I started this post I was going to talk about Eros, the God of Love, and look where I ended up!

Have I mentioned how much I love Christmas? 🙂

Eros, that sneaky fellow…

(To the Romans he’s known as Cupid, so you should pretty much know the story…one day I’ll blog about his brother Anteros, the avenger of unrequited love and the opposer of love…that should be fun… ;p )

Listening: 1963; Rachael Yamagata

Reading: World Mythology; Donna Rosenberg (<—- Christmas present!)

Watching: Perhaps Love (Chinese Moulin Rouge style musical)


December 27, 2005. MY So-Called Life.

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