I think I may have a disease.

This disease, its called blogamania.

It manifests as a series of seemingly innocuous symptoms, which I shall proceed to detail below.

First, one finds herself inexplicably registering a blog, and then straining to name said blog creatively, eg (and this is obviously very creative) by christening themselves names of food,beverages or animal sounds.

(Yes, its true. If you listen hard enough, little fishies go pOokpOok, especially if you have goldfish in little bowls. You just have to listen…)

Then for the next couple of weeks, one finds herself wondering…Why did I bother…I have nothing to say anyway…

Soon, however, this blogger will come to suffer from blogamania.

Three Surefire Signs of BLOGAMANIA.

  1. When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you do is to switch on your computer to see if anyone has left a witty message (but I’ll settle for anything) on your blog. And then you pore over your blog hits to see where those extra 50 overnight hits came from, or was it all you, you crazy woman.
  2. In social functions you find yourself thinking of ways to describe it for maximum entertainment effect. And then you get a scary glazed over look and people look at you weirdly and ask if you’re thinking about shoes. (I wasn’t, but let’s not add to my neuroses). And when you take pictures, all you can think about is..how can I caption this…ooh…I’m going to add little devil horns to this picture later….wheeeee….
  3. You derive great pleasure from saying things on your blog that you would never say in real life, and its even more exciting when you’re being mean and snarky, but you know they can’t get you, because that would be admitting that they suck! (But I’m mean and snarky enough in real life)


Once I heard someone say that he didn’t want to start a blog because…I don’t remember what he said, since I was suffering symptom # 2 (see above)…but I do remember thinking…that sometimes its hard to live up to people’s expectations…and when you don’t feel like writing anything, or don’t have anything to say it can be really hard, which is when you end up with entries like this, which are basically about nothing…

But then that’s not the point of blogging, is it?

I’m just going to say what I want…when I want…

Because I’m worth it!


Also, for a while now I’ve been worried that I may be suffering from Asperger Syndrome.

It is characterised by poor social interactions, obsessions, odd speech patterns and other peculiar mannerisms. People with Aspergers tend to be somewhat socially immature and may be seen by others as odd or eccentric. Other characteristics include motor delays, clumsiness, limited interests and peculiar preoccupations.



Listening: For One More Look At You; Chocolate Genius

Watching: Nothing…Still shocked..

Reading: Ikea catalogue (<—–There’s nothing left to read)


Also, in my own self interest*, I’d like to point out the following:

*you selfish b****h, you…

1. Whatever you read here is my own work, unless they are lyrics (you can tell if they’re italicized and aren’t in the semi-coherent rambly sentences I usually like), or quotes from websites, books or magazines, which are credited…

2. All pictures are copyrighted to their owners where specified, unless they are mine (not many anyway), then you are welcome to them…but please save it to your own computer, don’t eat up my bandwidth! (I know what this means…Well…Kind of.)

3. If you want to quote me or whatever, please don’t try to pass it off as your own, because seriously, that’s just sad. Having said that, thank you, imitation is the best form of flattery…

4. I am saying this to save the skin of my derriere, because it is all smooth and pale like a baby’s derriere. Not that I spend a lot of time looking at my derriere.Okay. Too Much Information.

tOodles, dahlings!


December 29, 2005. MY So-Called Life.

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