The Age Of Men

The fifth generation of mortals that Zeus placed upon the grain-giving earth is our own; the Race of Iron. Now each day is filled with grief, and each night many mortals die. The worst crimes in the history of humanity occur throughout the world, and yet no mortal feels shame. Justice and faith have left the world; treason and fraud, violence and greed have replaced them.

When the time comes that host and guest no longer act hospitably, when friend argues with friend and brothers are enemies, when people who keep their word or are just or virtuous receive less respect than those who use their strength for violent and evil purposes, when those who are evil hurt those who are honourable, then Zeus will destroy our Iron Race, for we will have shown the father of gods and mortals that we are unfit to inhabit the earth that so sustains us.

                World Mythology, 3rd edition

A bit of a scary (and somewhat depressing) way to say goodbye to the year, but what can you do…

I’m halfway through this book, which my brother and sister in law gave me for Christmas, along with a couple of Podskins and a lovely spa set.

(I got them cow cups.)

(Well, I chose them.)

Generally I don’t believe in myths or legends, or that the boogeyman lives in my closet (he doesn’t,shaaaddddup,lalala,cannot hear you…)…

But this is fun reading. (But a bit scary and somewhat depressing.)

There’s loads of stories from all over the world; Greece and Rome(a given), the Middle East, Japan, China, Europe and Africa…

Anyway…Point is…let’s talk about…


(The intended subject of my Christmas post).

Why do you love?

Isn’t it really just Trouble disguised as fluffy clouds and teeny boxes of chocolates and pink hearts and fat little flying babies with wings and all things lovely and sweet, when we all know, all it is is a big pain in the derriere?


Why waste so much time and energy (?) on something you can’t define; something that you can’t control; something so confusing; something so..infinite and unmeasurable; something you love to hate, but just can’t, because having someone to love makes you feel complete?

What’s the difference between like and love?

“Like…I like my Skechers, but I love my Prada bag.

But….I love my Skechers!

That’s cause you don’t have a Prada bag…”

                                                                 -10 Things I Hate About You

When do you cross the line between like and love?

Why does it feel so good to love, whether or not it’s returned?

How do you know that love (or what you think it is) is really love?

Eros*,the God of Love (whether or not you believe this is besides the point) languished of loneliness until Aphrodite gave him a brother, Anteros (the personification of unrequited love and the punisher of he who scorns love) as a playmate; for love to prosper it must be answered.

*Eros is known as Cupid (to the Romans) and Profit (to Hallmark)

I am so going to hell.

Full of questions today; but nobody seems to have the answers…

Listening: The Weakness In Me; Joan Armatrading

December 30, 2005. MY So-Called Life.

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