thank you for flying with us

FINAAAAAALLY finished baking.

I never want to see another cookie again.

Goodbye cookies.

Now I shall move on to packing my room, which probably won’t get done until 15 minutes before midnight on the eve of Chinese New Year, when my mum will probably stand in the doorway and physically BLOCK me from leaving the room until I pack it.

Then she will go on to remove all the nice inspirational notes I have on my walls (eg STUDY! STOP WASTING TIME! WHY ARE YOU WATCHING TV?), plus my many DANGER and NO ENTRY signs (because I’m so anal about people messing up my stuff. I like it when its MY mess,ya know?).

My palms are swollen because of the cookie press. Being the genius that I am, naturally I picked the most complicated and fussy one of the whole lot. Which happens to require the most force. SO WHEN YOU EAT THAT DAMNED COOKIE THINK OF ME.

Maybe this will translate into bigger angpaus for me this year.

One can Hope.

Was just thinking about cooking. I mean…I can pretty much roast things and prepare western type things, but I’ve never actually tried any asian cooking, except for the time I made a salmon and soba noodle salad, which was raw anyway…

Maybe its because I’m secretly scared of knives (sharp) and fire (hot).

Also. There are many squirrels in my neighbourhood. They look a little bit like rats, except they have long furry tails and like jumping around, as opposed to rats that just scamper around being disgusting.


It’s also weird that its almost 12, and my parents’ room is empty. I wonder where they are.


There are 2 cats living in my porch. I hope they’ll go away soon since they aren’t very clean and I don’t really like cats, although they are tolerable. The cats enjoy pissing off my dad by walking all over his car and scratching it and generally shedding disgusting furry bits all over the place.

This role was previously filled by my darling dogs, but now they have been replaced by THEM EVIL CATS.

Oh look, here is my mum. She is now telling me to dry my hair OR ELSE.

I shall go dry my hair now.

Bye bye,everyone.


Listening:Untouchable; Glenn Tillbrook. (Damn right, I am..)

Reading: Persuasion; Jane Austen

Watching: Pride and Prejudice. (Yes. Again.)


January 27, 2006. MY So-Called Life.

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