I like Jappy things.

Especially those with pictures of cute little pseudo-toy-animal-children, usually accompanied by random (and inane) phrases like purple is butterfly moo or happy milk wonderful beautiful or to believe what you don’t believe is a brave and humour and whatever other funky crap you can think of.

So today, I decided to cut my hair.

To be specific, I told the guy to cut it to look like this Japanese comb I have, which is in the shape of a girl’s head.

(It sounds scary when I put it that way.)

Anyway. So the nice guy (his name is Louis), okay, so nice Louis cuts my hair to a shoulder length bob, gives me really nice bangs, and blowdries my hair until it’s all shiny! It wasn’t sparkly, but one mustn’t be greedy.

So for 3 WHOLE hours, I had nice, shiny hair!

Then I got caught in the rain and my hair started to curl again.

Tomorrow it will go back to being triangular and frizzy again, just you wait.

 How nice it is, to be able to devote a whole post to one’s hair.

If ou don’t know me, here’s a simple tip for identifying me in large crowds of people (or baboons).

See that girl with the poufy Yield sign shaped hair?

That’s me.

Say hello!

: )

EDIT: I watched V for Vendetta today, and I don’t get it!

Someone please explain it to me.


March 18, 2006. MY So-Called Life.

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