the difference between

i hate it when people use difference as an excuse.

there is no difference.

there is only right and wrong.

i hate it when people say

we’re different, look at us.

i especially hate movies that use difference as a theme.

like Sepet, or even Brokeback Mountain.

Yeah. So they were different.

but aren’t we all?

isn’t everyone different?

what’s the big deal?

what makes one person’s difference more important than someone else’s?

why is it that even when you know something’s going to end

it still sucks when it does?

i’m going to bake something now.

Listening: Love Is A Fast Song; Copeland

Watching: Just Friends (<—–this is quite brainless)

Reading: Undead and Unemployed (<—–this is about a vampire who loves shoes)


April 24, 2006. MY So-Called Life.

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