i’ve been reading a lot of books on tape.

have you ever watched a movie that was just..beautiful?

i don’t mean it in an artsy fartsy way.

but Shopgirl is a beautiful movie.

quiet and beautiful.

maybe it was the story, maybe it was the cinematography (quite nice), maybe it’s just the mood i’m in right now…i don’t know..but it is what it is..

i know a lot of people think A Lot Like Love is lame.

it IS lame. but again, in spite of it’s lameness, i love watching it.

i don’t know.

maybe sometimes the way you look at a movie or a song, and the effect it has on you depends on your mood.

that said, i AM a sellout, and can’t wait for The Da Vinci Code and X Men 3 to come out.. : )

i seem to be writing a lot this week..it feels so funny, because i have so many things to say, but no one to say them to, so i end up posting everything here..

in response to a comment..

i suppose my fear of losing someone (well…this would include a lot of people..) is because i am selfish. i think it was Winnie the Pooh (who is a boy!) who said..

“If you live to be a hundred, I want to live
to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to
live without you.”

and it’s true.

whether or not death nullifies everything we’ve done..i suppose it makes sense..

and i don’t know why i’m suddenly so fixed on monkeys!hehe..

Listening: Gravity; Embrace

Watching: Shopgirl


May 12, 2006. MY So-Called Life.

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