it doesn’t grow on trees

i’m kind of sad.

and this time i know why.

i’ve spent the whole weekend cleaning out my closet, literally..(and i still haven’t finished) and i just realised there are so many things i’ve never worn, seen or even remember buying.

(i started packing because a stack of shirts fell on me when i opened the door…when your clothes start attacking you its a sign that something is very very wrong..)

also some shelves just gave way (as in they broke in the middle, which is why the shirts fell out)… not good at all..

now, thanks to my overwhelming guilt, i have decided not to buy anymore new clothes (unless it’s a real bargain!haha…).

the prospect of many many sales-filled months ahead, KNOWING i will be coming home empty handed is TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!

on the other hand, this means i will have more money for shoes!

: )

Listening: Island In The Sun; Weezer

Watching: Grey’s Anatomy

(i’m just joking, really..on a strict shopping ban! I MUST NOT WASTE MONEY.)

repeat after me..

i must not waste money!

i must not waste money!

i must not waste money!

it doesn’t grow on trees, ya know?


May 14, 2006. MY So-Called Life.

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