all we have is now.

My internet connection has been really spotty lately..some most days it’s laggy, some days it just won’t log on….phone line is busy…whatever man, I DON’T CARE, JUST FIX IT!!!!!!!….pfffft.


Anyways…maybe it’ll stay fixed this can hope..

: )

I know a lot of people think The Da Vinci Code is quite crappy..Having heard so much flack I watched it with quite low expectations…It’s not super good or anything…but it’s not thaaaat bad…

Obviously I’m not quite as discerning as the critics at Cannes (I thought New York Minute was funny), but as far as movies go, it was pretty ok..I suppose if you’ve read the book it makes a lot more friends who haven’t read it said it was too long, but those who have felt it was too abrupt…

Pfft..obviously you can’t please everyone…

I just enjoyed it for what it was (2 hours in which I should probably have been studying!), plus kudos to Audrey Tautou for running in those shoes of hers!  (YES, after we watch movies, THIS IS WHAT GIRLS TALK ABOUT..)

What are you doing? Right now, that dog is my life. And when he poops, his poop is my life.                                                                                                          -New York Minute

Yea. Right about now..

Earlier this week we learnt bed making (as part of our Nursing Week Induction), and of course I made the mistake of telling my parents this…Henceforth, I shall be known as:

Slave Who Shall Make The Beds

or as I prefer, (the slightly less unforgiving)

Grand High Priestess Of Bed Making.

Yes, that is better.

Anyways, check out my new sheets!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Don’t laugh, I know you still have your Spiderman ones…

And it’s yellow!

(Actually all my sheets are yellow. Except the blue ones, but then..yup…all yellow..)

Listening: Fools Like Me; Lisa Loeb

Reading: A Short History Of Tractors In Ukrainian; Marina Lewycka (<—this is not about tractors, nor is it in Ukrainian…but it’s very good.. : ) )


May 21, 2006. MY So-Called Life.

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