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I can’t afford me either.

i must study, so there won’t be any posts for the next week…

see ya,everyone!

: )

goodbye, for now.

Never felt at home
Always been my own man
Pretty much alone
I know how to get through
And when push comes to shove
I got something that you need
I got the love
Love of the loveless

Listening: to your heart beat.


boys don’t cry. they run away screaming.



i cut my thumb and index finger today.

(not for fun, because i need those two fingers!besides…i like my fingers..)

there are little drops of blood all over the sink.

it’s almost beautiful to look at.

and it’s mindblowing, the things you can find by just going and typing your own name/screen name (narcissistic much?) on google…mindblowing.

or you can do someone else’s. mind, that is.

there is no typo.


May 26, 2006. MY So-Called Life.

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