i don’t think i’ve ever blogged three times in one day before.

but i’m in such a horrible mood,it’s scaring me.

and i can’t even vent my frustration…

not on the innocent people around me (who truly do not deserve to bear the brunt of my Anger)

i can’t vent my Anger on the people who made me angry in the first place (because i always end up feeling guilty, and then i have to apologise, and then i feel stupid for apologising, when in fact they deserve it, asswipes!)


i can’t vent my Anger on people who don’t know me, because that would just be…weird.

so from spending all this time together,

Anger and I have become best friends.

I was just complaining to my friend earlier that I was in a horrible mood

and he said you don’t even look like it!

just because i don’t look like it doesn’t mean i’m not.

i’m not one of those people who say everything’s ok, when really, it isn’t.

and as a result of all these things,

i end up


except for my best friend Anger, but that doesn’t really count now, does it?


June 7, 2006. MY So-Called Life.

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