it’s a dog’s life

Today I heard someone complaining about how dumb dogs are…

But I beg to differ. I mean…think about it.

Dogs (I mean pets,of course) pretty much have it made…they have people to clean up after them, bathe (and blow-dry) them, feed them, play with them…

They have people to buy them toys and treats and special shampoos, to love them no matter what (except when they bite my shoes, then I may get a bit violent), and hug them when it rains and the thunder scares them…

Now how many of us can say the same?

Obviously we all had that as children, but I’d assume most of us would have left that behind by now…

Is it a dog’s life?

We should all be so lucky.

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Do it and I’ll spank you.Ooh, that sounds almost…naughty.

Listening: Bittersweet Symphony; The Verve

Reading: This Life; Laurel Doud


June 13, 2006. MY So-Called Life.

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