Paint the Silence

i’ve been on holiday for a bit too long now, which means i’m bored beyond belief, and when i’m bored i tend to think, which we all know is Very Bad…anyway…

i think i’ve reached a state where i’m just..beyond caring.

actually. it’s probably more like..

i’m too lazy to care about anything.

well. not EVERYTHING, obviously. i’m still anal about germs and doors. but now, i just can’t be bothered with the things that used to bother me, or more accurately, things that i used to want to bother about.

there’s a very fine line between the person who cares too much, and someone who doesn’t care enough…so how do you decide which side of the line you stay on?

can you ever care just enough?

can’t figure out whether it’s because i honestly don’t care anymore, or because i’m just too lazy.


anyways, i’ve decided that from now on, instead of buying frivolous things like food and popcorn, i shall channel all my money towards buying shoes and books, which is an excellent plan because not only will i lose weight, i will then be known as the Girl Who Reads A Lot And Has Excellent Shoes.

not that my shoes aren’t already excellent, of course, but we can always improve, can’t we?

Listening: Be Here To Love Me; Norah Jones

Reading: The Accidental; Ali Smith


August 7, 2006. MY So-Called Life.

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