shhh,i’m not really here.

when i was younger my mum wouldn’t let me say negative things, like i think i’m going to fail/die/fall down and break all my teeth (which i did, incidentally, but only because someone pushed me into a drain).


i never really understood why. i mean….they’re just words, ya know?

but now. NOW,

i learn that you really shouldn’t make self-fulfilling prophecies.

to be fair, when you say them you don’t know that they’re going to actually happen, but the thing is..JUST DON’T SAY IT.



why? because a couple of months ago i thought about how much i would hate it if something like this happened, and it HAPPENED.

not because i subconsciously made it happen, but seriously, this is something 100% out of my control. (or maybe it was just foreshadowing. maybe i can see into the future or something. ooh,that would be amazing…)

100%,do you hear?


if only i had listened to mine.

anyway.i have to go now.

this morning we learned how to percuss things and i’ve been experimenting on my dog but now my finger is red and swollen so i have to go find some ice.


August 28, 2006. MY So-Called Life.

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