i am hungry and you look like a potato

sometimes i find myself in such horrible situations that i’m always quite sure it WILL kill me. haha.

like when i get stuck waiting for people. whom i don’t really want to be with anyway. and with no intellectually stimulating stimuli to entertain me. i get so bored that i start thinking i’m going to die of boredom, or at the very least keel over from the sheer exhaustion of trying to…stay…unbored.


so maybe you can’t die from boredom.

anyways i’m rambling.

i forget my point.


Listening: The Frim Fram Sauce; Nat King Cole

Watching: Just My Luck.THREE times. WHY? WHY AM I SO BORING?

Reading: Kill As Few Patients As Possible; Oscar London M.D.

Medicine needs to be less serious. Seriously.

Something is wrong with me. I keep saying seriously.



August 31, 2006. MY So-Called Life.

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