TerFenadine: When you Accidentally make fenadine.



(you know, like little red riding hood singing and then the camera pans to the wolf being creepy and sneaky and then dumdumDUM…)

anyway. today is my brother’s birthday. he is old now.

happy birthday dude man.


i secretly love rum and raisin ice cream.

lesson of the day: don’t waste money on things you don’t need…because i just counted and i’ve blown through half of my birthday money which i was supposed to use to get a phone, and ON NOTHING! pfffft.

also i just had to say this. yesterday i got  new cartridge for my printer and it literally just farted all over the place. seriously.


blops of ink all over the place.

is blops a word?

Listening: Superman; Five For Fighting

September 2, 2006. MY So-Called Life.

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