smile and say bOoger!

i just got back from visiting my brother in JB, since my sister-in-law has just given birth to a little baby girl!


on another happy note, i taught my (almost) 2 year old nephew how to say please (instead of whining, which i myself am prone to doing)….and another very useful word…


i am such a good role model.

and joy of joys! picked up copies of House and the Triangle (i know it's on TV,but keep missing it)for ridonkulous prices, and….AND…

wait for it….


not the ones i originally wanted (sadly,no more) but these were number 2 on my list and they were the last pair in the store so YAY!



excellent dinner.

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off to watch The Devil Wears Prada (another yay!)

excellent end to an otherwise really crappy week.

justice in the world,no?


Reading: Transmission; Hari Kunzru (this is an excellent book, from start to end…must learn more adjectives for excellent)


September 17, 2006. Uncategorized.

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