Wish I

TODAY I cut my finger on the foil of a tub of YOGHURT.


why do we drink water?

think about it.

what possessed the first dude, way back then, to swallow that first mouthful of water?

why water?


i don’t understand.

(he was thirsty is not good enough)

(see how when you say a word over and over…then it doesn’t make sense…like…water water water water water water…)

and then i can go on to ask…

why do we do the things we do?

why are we here?

why is it so hard to….?

so you see…Rain makes me think,

and thinking

makes me ask questions

which i have not the answers for.

Listening: Breaking My Heart; Aqualung

Reading: Potty Potter 4

Watching: A History Of Violence


October 26, 2006. My Head Is Full Of Fluff.

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