oh God, i need some new shoes.like NOW…

i’m feeling particularly abusive today,so let’s disabuse ourselves of this notion.

forewarned is forearmed.

this is a lie, a LIE, a BIG FAT FATTY, PATENT LIE told by LIARS who LIE, LIE, you hear?

because no,and i mean NO amount of FORWARNED-NESS can FOREARM you against the HORRIBLENESS OF SOME HUMAN BEANS.

the world is filled with horrible people who are disguised as normal,nice,non-evil people,when secretly they harbour malignant thoughts, infiltrated by germs of evilness.

i prefer the shorter term: asswipes.

i sometimes wish i could live in a bubble, a nice big bubble, preferably in white (my favourite colour..or non-colour,so i’ve been told), must be germ free and most importantly: ASSWIPE free.

then i will be known as The Girl Who Lives In A Bubble,Elly The Bubble,or maybe just Bubble Girl,since it is shorter and less tongue-twisty.

actually i just remembered that my brother likes to call me Elly Belly, or Boggle, which i also like. anyways.

i also have a feeling that i have in fact,whined about this whole forewarned-ness thing before,but i’m tired, abusive(see above) and irritated,so just let me whine,or my head will explode.

then my hair will be dirty,and how will i study then?


December 1, 2006. Uncategorized.

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