Ramble Ramble

the people you love the least are,ironically the least likely to hurt you. 

okay,so it’s now morning and i’m not so angry anymore.but it doesn’t change the fact that you lied about something for 3 years. but no. i’m not going to be angry anymore.i’m not going to hate you or bitch about you,because unlike you, when i say i don’t bitch about people,i mean it.you can go ahead and laugh and tell all your little friends how stupid and gullible i am.go on now.think i’m being dramatic?look carefully at the things you’ve said and done,and you’ll realise you did the exact same things.

what goes around comes around.

i’m done wasting my time and energy on you.

the world is a dangerous place to be.

i say or do or find things that i don’t really want to say or do or find out about.

have you ever been punched in the stomach?that’s what it feels like.

i’m glad that you once felt the same way.so now you know that living for yourself is the only thing you can do.

it’s the only thing i can do right now.

i hate blogs.


i love my blog.

there’s nothing else worth loving anyway.

except shoes.

but that makes me crazy,psycho,obsessed,shallow,weird,whatever.

i was going to find out anyway,the same way you found out.is it really funny?did you really think it was funny?how did that change,when you started acting like it wasn’t?

that makes you a hypocrite,because i have always,always been 100% and knowing what i know now makes me idiotic.i will NOT feel guilty for doing the things i did,because unlike YOU,at least I WAS HONEST the whole time.

this may be the most frank thing i have ever posted,and knowing me i’ll probably remove it soon but that shouldn’t stop you from hating me anymore than you already do.

so go ahead.


December 14, 2006. Uncategorized.

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