part 2

there is none so blind as he who will not see. 

when and if i say you can trust me, i mean it. so i don’t say it to just anyone.

whether or not everyone means what they say is out of my control.

so the thing is. if you don’t think you can trust anyone, who do you trust?

i trust God.

i trust my parents (they’ve been through all my crap and still love me).

and that’s about it.

the one person i trusted most up to this point,well…as you can see from my rant-y post, turned out not to be so trustworthy,which in retrospect i should have known, but i’m going to chalk that up to experience.

the blinkers are off.

i only hope that in a year,when i look back at this i’ll be able to laugh about everything. 

you want to talk about love?

do you really think the people you love love you in the same way?


that’s the only thing i know for certain.

so no.

in a world with 5 billion people,you are still alone.

and that’s the truth.


December 15, 2006. Uncategorized.

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