wait for me

the funniest thing i’ve heard all day (and i’ve been listening to a lot of things):

wouldn’t it be great if all your friends were married to each other.

then there’d be less people to invite to your wedding.


also my brother has just come home from a week long holiday in Thailand (sigh), he is now brown and crispy,much like a juicy roasted chicken (although he probably doesn’t taste quite as good).

and he comes bearing goodies!

well. M&Ms as per my request.

for a short time a few years ago i would only eat brown M&Ms, because it was that crazy phase  i went through where i’d only eat things in their original colour,and well…chocolate is brown,you get the idea.

thank GOD that’s over…haha!

yay..my shoes have come back from fast feet (my favourite shoe fixing people,they do great work on bags too) 🙂

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so fugly they’re cute

(see,the fuglier the better)

and sometimes…when you least expect to find them,

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some things just take your breath away.

i must go now,a small battle is ensuing over the custody of said M&Ms and


aren’t we dramatic today.

and a small announcement for all you lovely people:

this blog is going on hiatus until early next year,

because i have exams TOO soon and am spending too much time puttering about cyberspace. (bad bad Elly)

in the mean time,if you’re into fashion (and other shallow obsessions,like i am) check out the new links in the sidebar,and try not to miss me too much! (haha,flattery will get you places)

so Merry Christmas,

Happy New Year!

and see you next year!



December 16, 2006. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. Mr.Science replied:

    Did you know that Brown M&Ms actually have the most color dye out of all the M&M’s? The brown ones have components of orange, red, yellow, and blue dyes to make the brown color, while the red M&M’s only have pink dye in them.

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