i think the Great Gods of Packinghamshire have something against me.

what else would explain the fact that i’ve been packing for 3 days now, and yet haven’t actually packed anything?

is it my fault i have so many interesting things to pack?


i can’t help but stop to examine all the wonderrrrfulllll things i never knew i had.

actually it’s probably some kind of familial trait. my dad observes…

you know, i just don’t understand…people have ONE, we have TEN….look,look at this…(points to swivelly chair…not that far off, we actually have 5…)

which is TRUE, my mother has collections of absolutely everything, especially plastic containers, so maybe THAT is why i obsessively hoard collect useless things….(which i can store in plastic containers…)

it is in my GENES.

are you reading this mum???


maybe it’s a great cosmic joke.

Great Gods of Packinghamshire: OOOOHHH….let’s just put funny things all over the place so she’ll never finish! ahahahahaha!

are you afraid now? do you just wish you NEVER knew me, SLOB THAT I AM?


quite certifiable, i am.


January 21, 2007. Uncategorized.

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