A Healthy Dose Of Crazy

all day, every day, i laze about doing nothing, occasionally foraging my way to the kitchen for water, sustainer of life, where i must beat off bags and bags of junk my mother has bought to be endlessly (re)circulated among family and friends during chinese new year (so that they can rot in cupboards and be thrown away before next new year), which is only a week away, and for which i have not done anything, eg. making cookies/cleaning things/buying things, except i have bought something, which is actually 2 things, obviously they are shoes, and i should be out shopping now, but instead chose to come visit my computer, which oddly enough is making me hungry, so i am thinking of ordering a burger and maybe some corn-in-a-cup which you know i love and golly gee whiz, look, this whole paragraph is really just one long sentence! is it just me, or is the crazy heat just messing with my mind? seriously…you’d think the clouds are constipated or something, why won’t it just rain? i’ve taken to sitting on the porch every evening, feeding mosquitoes (of which there are a gazillion) and watching for any more freaky animals that choose to wander around..sadly. the freakiest thing i see everyday is my reflection in the glass. also for the first time in my life i have my own bathroom, which i must say is a novel experience since now i can’t blame anyone else for wetting the floor. but it’s okay, after i mess up my bathroom i can just go over to my brothers’ rooms and mess up theirs. shhh…


February 9, 2007. Uncategorized.

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