i’ve been in a strangely happy mood these past few days…i can’t pinpoint why, and i don’t know why i need to find out why.

i’m so weird,man…(and yes,as i now realise…curiosity is a terrible thing…)

anyways, lookie!

i took this picture in Taman Negara (for those who don’t know…it’s a National Park,full of trees and insects and monkeys and things that go bump in the night).

March 2007 116

it is…a lizard-type thing!



March 14, 2007. MY So-Called Life, Wild Things.


  1. Rie replied:

    Ohmgeee-nyer! That’s huge!
    You said it was small…

  2. pOokpOok replied:

    hehe…it’s actually not that big…but it does look big in the pic,haha!

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