Taking The Midnight Train



all better now.

i’m not sure doing something would change anything.


distance can be the best thing to clear the mind, sometimes.


they should market it-

run away! you’ll feel better!

but running away is not always the answer-

especially if your shoes are high and pointy.

on an unrelated note:

i’m happy, but i’m not sure i should be.

i’m sad, but i know i shouldn’t be.

if i could capture one moment

just one.


so funny-

i know someone who, like a lot of artists…cannot write without being…depressed.

(i mean emo.)

it’s like creativity feeds on all that darkness.

morbid no more.

so boring.


i want to watch this

i don’t know why.

i’m confused

and confusing.


Reading: Notes On A Scandal; Zoe Heller


March 18, 2007. MY So-Called Life.


  1. fabes replied:

    i am gay………………… not!! =P

  2. sarah replied:

    yeah..creative ppl tend to introspect more and more introspection makes them more depressed

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