you know how when you wait expectantly for something, and spend a lot of time thinking about it…and hoping and wishing that time would just speed up so you get to enjoy that something just that much faster…

and then that something actually comes and….

somehow you just don’t enjoy it quite as much as you thought you would.


maybe its the unrealistic expectations you place on that one thing.

or one person.


over the weekend i picked up a couple of new CDs…nothing groundbreaking, just a really nice recording of stuff from the 60s(can’t remember the singer..) and Norah Jones’ latest album…which i like…haha..

there’s this one song on her album which i really like…Thinking About You…which is pretty much like all the other slow, sad songs i like… 🙂

OOH! and there’s a comedy on BBCE i’m addicted to…My Family ( i know it sounds lame), but it’s so funny! the guy from Love Actually, Colin (as in “I am Colin, God of Sex”) is in it, and so is Madam Hooch from Harry Potty!haha…that’s what i spend my days doing….watching lame comedies and baking…

speaking of which…i made an Oreo cheesecake yesterday!

haven’t actually tasted it (still chilling in the fridge), but it’s the palest shade of grey (okay, my mistake…should be white..) but the batter tasted goooood….yay…:)

anyway. (again)

i’m late for class (nothing new,haha), plus i need to send some things to some people, and on top of that check if my shoes have arrived (special order, yay!)..

what a busy life i lead.


please let my shoes have come.

 Listening: Broken; Norah Jones

Watching: For One Night Only (Shipworkers doing ballet!)

Quote of the Day:

“I’m a bad loser, so I don’t make a habit of losing.”



April 24, 2007. MY So-Called Life.

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