fishies go pOokpOok, but Frogs go rrrrribbit.




anyways. getting to my point…

Everyone, meet Frog.

ribbit ribbit.

Frog, meet Everyone.

Frog and his brother (I don’t know this for sure, just thought they look quite alike), Frog Spawn, live in my garden.

for three nights now, i’ve been sitting in the garden, spying on Frog and Frog Spawn.

(yes, i am relatively free. and yes, i need to get a life. ANYWAY..)

every night, Frog sits in front of this particular flower pot, just staring into space.

Frog Spawn, on the other hand, prefers to sit behind a spade.

he also enjoys staring into space.


lest the picture deceives you, i must point out that Frog and Frog Spawn are actually Very Small.

in fact, they are about the size of a lump of dog crap.

IN FACT, i once tried to scoop Frog up with the Pooper Scooper.

until i realised…

waitaminute….since when does crap have EYES?


which makes me wonder…

what does frog crap look like?


Listening: You Give Me Something; James Morrison

Watching: Wild Hogs.


it’s fun to watch movies in empty cinemas. that way you can laugh all you want and snort piggishly and no one’s there to hear you. yes, that was me.

 OOh…and guess what? i went to pick up my shoes and decided i didn’t really like them and i found another pair which i like even more, so i got those!wheeee…

okay. must lay off the sugar.

hyperglycaemia is Very Bad Indeed.


April 25, 2007. MY So-Called Life, Shoes, Wild Things.


  1. Ally replied:

    Oh tiny frogs right! Mus tell u, my hse gets visits from these frogs toO! (Who knows they might have hopped all the way to ur place! or maybe hitched a ride in my car tat day wen u were in it! haha) Tiny lil buggers right?! But once, one of em puffed up Huge wen my mum or dad was tryin to catch it! Puffer frogs!!

    oh n.. shudnt frog spawn be like.. spawn of frog.. which is like.. so not brother of Frog! unless of coz u take father of Frog to also be called frog…

    AND! I wanted to say but my net konked out last time! Ur shoes are eXactly like u said in ur last blog! =P All the waiting stuff.. haha. N the good thing is u get to get New New shoes! haha..

    ok. watever.. :p

  2. Ashwin replied:

    erm… yea… ally does have a point… the father brother bit.

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