seven ways to kill yourself.

okay, so that isn’t actually what this is about, because research shows suicide is Bad for you.

gasp. whodathunk?

but I have been tagged by this here dude, so here goes (POOO. Also I am bored. and should be reading something, actually.)

7 random things about me that nobody really cares about (nope, not even me,haha).

  1. when i stick my tongue out it means i’m concentrating, so please go away.
  2. evident selfishness turns me off. 
  3. when i was 10 i wrote a funny story with a friend of mine and i recently found it again. i must say, for a 10 year old i knew a lot of swear words. ahem. but i don’t swear anymore.
  4. i once did a test and found out it is 39% likely that i am, in fact, a guy.
  5. i have collected the stubs to almost every movie i’ve watched. and i carry them around in my red bag, the one with the pockets in the front. i don’t know why.
  6. i think posers and vain guys are lame. seriously.
  7. sometimes i secretly wish i have superpowers. that would be awesome.

anyway…nobody really cares, so whatever…hahaa….

so i won’t tag anyone k?


Listening: Scarlet’s Walk; Tori Amos 

Reading: The Time Traveller’s Wife; Audrey Niffenegger

Watching: Grey’s Anatomy


May 14, 2007. My Head Is Full Of Fluff.


  1. Ashwin replied:

    sometimes i secretly wish i have superpowers

    Sometimes? I feel that all the time. People are so stupid. I wish I could just vapourize them with heat vision!

  2. Ashwin replied:

    Ah… I just read up on the Time traveller’s wife… sounds very interesting.

  3. pOokpOok replied:

    yeah…when i said sometimes, i meant “when people act stupid and make me want to vaporize them..”
    yes!the time traveller’s wife IS interesting…its funny and strange and a bit crazy all at the same time…just like me,haha!

  4. fabes replied:

    superpowers are cool… i wish to be able to turn anything around me into anything i want… I’ll turn Paris Hilton into a bagel and Jessica Simpson shall be a buffalo wing…

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